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Get the Perfect Smile with Teeth Whitening Treatment in Bobcaygeon

Do the yellow stains on your teeth keep you from smiling often? Several factors can cause dental stains, such as age, genetics, lifestyle, food habits, and more. Teeth whitening treatment at our dental clinic in Bobcaygeon can improve the colour of your teeth and brighten them. The skilled staff at Bobcaygeon Family Dentistry can help you achieve dynamic results quickly.

Our cosmetic dentistry services are focused on correcting cosmetic dental issues. We can help you get a beautiful smile by treating chipped, broken or misaligned teeth. We focus on personalized treatments to achieve the desired results! 

Bright and Shiny Smiles

We use various cosmetic treatments for treating different tooth staining or cosmetic issues. From veneers that treat tooth discolouration to using orthodontics for misalignment, our dentists are experienced in all kinds of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Here is a detailed list of the cosmetic services that we provide:


We offer you custom-made veneers which are used to improve the appearance of your teeth. The veneers are usually made from tooth-coloured materials to cover the front surface of your teeth. Veneers are used to treat discolouration of teeth in cases where whitening does not work.

Woman having her veneers done
Father and daughter smiling


If you are looking for a cosmetic procedure to fix gaps in your teeth, tooth bonding can be a good option. We use bonds that are shaped and coloured to match your surrounding teeth to five you get a beautiful smile.  


Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive procedure that can give your discoloured or stained teeth a makeover. When you decide to get this cosmetic treatment to enhance your smile, book a consultation with us. We will help you choose the right product to ensure you get a dazzling smile. 

Woman having white teeth
close up young beautiful asian woman smiling with hand holding Invisalign mouth-piece


We provide you with orthodontic treatment to treat teeth misalignment and offer you a perfectly aligned smile. Orthodontics can help treat bite imperfection and uneven positioning of teeth. We offer Invisalign®, which can help restore your smile without the embarrassment of metal wires or braces. 

To schedule an orthodontic consultation at our clinic in Bobcaygeon, please call us today. 

Smile More

Don’t be conscious about the stains on your teeth- a quick whitening treatment is all you need.

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