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Skilled Dental Professionals for Regular Dental Cleaning in Bobcaygeon

Visiting your dental clinic every six months for a routine checkup is always recommended for maintaining great oral health! At our clinic in Bobcaygeon, we conduct regular dental cleaning or oral examinations by experienced dentists. These regular visits can also help our team to scan your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer does not always display symptoms until it has progressed to other parts of the body. In such cases, early detection can help in treating the disease effectively.

At Bobcaygeon Family Dentistry, our dentists can provide dental services for the little members of your family, although we don’t have a pediatric dentist at our office. A regular dental checkup can benefit kids by providing them with gentle and educational care. Call us to schedule an appointment or book online

Comprehensive Oral Examinations

When our experienced dentists examine your mouth, there are chances that we might find some signs of a problem. That doesn’t mean you have to start looking for a specialist right away. We strive to provide a comfortable environment in our clinic and offer you treatment for a wide variety of dental issues. So, if and when you are diagnosed with a severe dental condition, we have the provisions to provide you treatment with utmost care. At Bobcaygeon Family Dentistry, we offer the following services to keep your teeth and general oral health in good shape:

Our Dentistry Services

We offer quality dental services including oral exams, cleaning, whitening, teeth alignment and more. You can reach out to our team and get the following general dental services:

Oral examination

At our clinic, we provide complete oral health checkups. We can conduct thorough examinations to identify any potential dental concerns quickly. Contact our dentists every six months to keep your teeth strong and healthy for a long time.

Little girl getting her teeth checked
Smiling woman In a dentist's office

Oral cancer examination

Keeping a watch on your gums and mouth for oral cancer may potentially identify oral cancer at an early age. By looking for the red and white patches inside your mouth and collecting samples we can test them to see if they are cancerous or harmless patches and recommend a timely and appropriate treatment.

Periodontal examination

Our dental staff is experienced with periodontal procedures and in identifying underlying issues, to get you proper treatment in time for inflammation or any other problems related to your gums. Contact our dentists for a periodontal examination today.

Dentist with male patient getting gum treatment
Happy male patient

Tooth examination

Let us diagnose hidden dental issues in your teeth to avoid long-term damage or loss of teeth. This means that you can avoid reaching a stage that is worse than before and may require other dental procedures like fillings or extractions to save your teeth. 

Biting, chewing and grinding check

Bruxism is a condition where people may grind, bite or chew their teeth when they are sleeping. Caused either by a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, or even anxiety. Let our dentists reveal the underlying cause behind the incessant problem and provide you with the necessary medication or therapy that will relieve the condition.

Head shot unhappy African American man suffering from toothache
Senior man having dental treatment at dentist's office

Dental cleaning

Often smoking, coffee and even wear and tear or old age can get your teeth fading from their natural lustre. Our dentists can remove the yellowish hue from teeth, clean off plaque or tartar buildup and have your teeth scrubbed to brand new! Check back on our promotions to save money on professional dental cleaning services!


An X-ray helps to reveal the internal condition of the tooth. X-rays can help quickly identify tooth decay that cannot be otherwise seen. With advanced dental imaging technology to throw light, we can analyze even the most minor issues. Through x-rays, our dentists assess jaw placement, roots, teeth and facial bone composition. This allows them to create personalized treatment plans for you.

Dentist showing the x-ray of teeth of an older patient
Young girl getting her teeth examined by a dentist while her mother looks at her

Pediatric dentistry

The branch of oral healthcare dealing with children is called Pediatric dentistry. At our convenient dental clinic, you will find a family-friendly and child-friendly atmosphere with a TV and playing area on-site! This helps young children to relax and feel at home while we can help with all their basic and advanced dental needs, including oral examinations, dental cleanings and more.

Better Safe than Sorry

We can help you keep your oral health in good shape with regular dental cleanings and oral exams.

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